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Hello everyone! Welcome (back) to my blog! After a bit of a hiatus and some time to take a step back and see what I wanted to do with this thing, I’m back! Previously I used this to blog about my experiences while living and working here in Japan- and I fully intend on still doing so! But as my time here is coming to a close I’m really wanting to continue this on to continue to track my next adventures, as well as indulge some new endeavors. So, in addition to my travel adventures and journeys along the way, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts, feelings, tips tricks, inspirations, and whatever else with you about….

1. Planning and Journaling: Plan
A few months ago I stumbled upon the bullet journal system, which lead me down the rabbit hole that is the planner and journaling world.  That in combination with the insane amounts of beautiful planners and stationary available, here in Japan especially, has re-awakened my kind-of-creative-(sometimes) side.  I’ve been really enjoying using bullet journaling and planning as a creative outlet.  Analog planning, journaling and some form of crafting are things I’ve found myself continually coming back to every few years and I’d like to do more of it consistently.  I’m hoping to use this space to share what I’m doing and where I find any inspiration. I am not, nor do I claim to be, an artist, but it’s fun to try!

2. Personal Growth: Grow
This year in Japan was really about a lot of personal growth for me, and now that I’ve caught the bug I don’t want to slow down! But I promise, no preaching. I know from experience that’s not helpful/gets totally annoying. But I will share some things that I’ve liked and things that worked for me, and hopefully they can help inspire you too!
Related to this, I’ll also be embarking on some challenges.  I like trying new things and building new habits and part of how I do that is through challenges! This upcoming birthday (one month from today so go ahead an mark your calendars, I’ll wait….)
So this upcoming birthday is my last in my 20s and I want to send them off with a bang and make it the best year yet! I’ve got a 30 before 30 list and a picture everyday for a year lined up and I’m sure many more little things along the way I hope some of you will join me on!

So that’s the new deal. I’m nervous about this but excited too. Life’s all about the journey, right?

Thanks for stopping by! Get home safe 😉
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